September 29, 2020

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A Place to Call Home

Balanced on the main edge of senior assistance arrangement, Sequoia Living built up an earth shattering CCRC model intended to coordinate the dynamism and exclusive requirements of the populaces they serve. Inhabitant voices were vital to the exertion. “It’s extremely significant that all occupants grab a chair at the table,” McVey focused. “These people have carried on with astonishing lives. They’ve done amazing things, and their voices and points of view are what makes Sequoia Living so great at what we do. We tune in and invest energy in the networks.”

A Place to Call Home

Land engineer Dave Latina joined the association as Chief Business Development Officer to make a client driven model dependent on decision as opposed to simply offering packaged administrations. He propelled a progression of center gatherings to work with Sequoia’s working groups, showcasing groups, and inhabitants to perceive what was functioning admirably in their networks and what could be improved. The subsequent vision developed from 16 months of hands-on research.

“We collected a top tier counseling group to direct due tirelessness and to execute the vision. That included Greenbrier Development Consulting, ProMatura Marketing Consultants, HKIT Architects, Lowney Architects, Harris and Associates Construction Management, Cahill Construction, Tazergy Technology Consultants, Gates and Associates Landscape Design, Hanson Bridgett Law Firm, and Paul Gordon, who is the adoptive parent of proceeding with care retirement networks in California,” he detailed.