April 6, 2020

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Inquisitr Review: A News Site That Pays

Things have changed a lot since I wrote this first Inquisitr review. I’ve added some updates at the bottom of this piece. A change in July 2017 was so big that it called for a new review post. You can find this newer post here.

This review will share why I used to highly recommend Inquisitr to writers but some of the changes that led to the bigger July 2017 update.

Inquisitr review

As you know, I like to share reviews of websites that I contribute to. Inquisitr is just one of them, and I currently have 300+ articles on the site, having been writing there for just over a year.

With that in mind, I thought now was the time to really share my Inquisitr review, and let you know whether I recommend it.

Please note that this review is my own experience with the site. It is an honest review, and that doesn’t always mean lots of positives are shared!

I started at Inquisitr when I wanted to replace my Guardian Liberty Voice income because that site was going down. I’ve replaced it and more!